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150 years in business.

Telcon is a world leader in the field of soft magnetic cores and components - including open and closed loop Hall effect current sensors. Dedicated to customer support, the company offers technical expertise thats second to none and is committed to future growth and new product development.

Telcon was originally known as the Gutta Percha Company which then merged with Glass Elliot on April 7th 1864 forming the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, and was responsible for supplying the first operating cable across the English Channel. Telcon then laid the first trans-atlantic cable consisting of 1852 miles long from July 13th to September 18th in 1866 using the famous steamship SS Great Eastern.

As the world leader in this field Telcon also laid cables across most of the major oceans and seas throughout the world over the following fifty years and also for Bell Telephone and Siemens. In 1924 Telcon Invented 'MUMETAL®' which has become the market standard in the field of soft magnetic nickel iron alloys.

The company now manufactures high permeability and rectangular hysterisis loop nickel iron cores for critical transformer applications. A major part of the modern business is magnetic components which use high performance soft magnetic cores for applications ranging from current measurement and sensing, to inductors and chokes for EMC applications.

Telcon headquarters are based in a modern facility in Crawley, West Sussex, England and is ideally situated in an area with excellent transport infrastructure.

There is a great deal of technical information available on our web site about our wide range of products, details of how to contact Telcon and our world wide network of agents and distributors and representatives.

150 years in business.

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